11 Jul 2023


Snuggle under the doona for longer and join us mid-morning for Hobart’s best brunch! 

Calling late risers. Satisfy your mid-morning hunger in the heart of Hobart with Tesoro’s delicious Brunch Menu showcasing a plethora of local goodies, available from 11am to 2pm, daily.
Explore the Tesoro Hobart Brunch Menu
Not quite breakfast, not quite lunch, here we take a deep dive into our top brunch menu faves and why they make brunch the best meal of the day.
• Eggs Benedict, Ziggy’s bacon, black bread, sumac, poached eggs, shaved apple and Hollandaise sauce.
Why we love it! Add extra decadence to your eggs benny by opting to add fresh Tasmanian Rock lobster for just $9. Tesoro also uses local May and the lovely team at Hobart’s Imago Bakery to bake our black bread, and the lobsters are caught by the team at Mures.
• The Tesoro Special, chorizo, toasted fennel seeds, red onion, basil, spinach, scrambled egg, sourdough, crispy kale.
Why we love it! Tesoro’s most popular brunch dish features locally made chorizo from Ziggy’s. The ingredients are all mixed together with scrambled egg before being served on top of local sourdough from the team at Imago Bakery and topped with crispy kale.
• Sautéed mushrooms, warm quinoa salad, goat cheese, red onion, poached egg, toasted seeds and crispy kale.
Why we love it! Bursting with nutrition and packed full of flavour, this delicious medley of local Tassie mushrooms is the perfect brunch dish accompanied by a warm salad made from three different quinoa varieties. Unlike some plant proteins, quinoa is a complete protein, meaning that it contains all nine essential amino acids that our bodies cannot make on their own.
• Breakfast sandwich, brioche bun, tomato chilli relish, Ziggy’s bacon, herb frittata, rocket, aioli, mozzarella cheese.
Why we love it! Looking for the perfect hangover cure? Tesoro has you covered with this satisfying sandwich made with an Imago Bakery brioche bun, Tesoro’s own house made relish, local Ziggy’s bacon (of course!) and a pillowy soft herb frittata to sink your teeth into. Pair it with a punchy espresso and you’ll be feeling like yourself again in no time at all.
• Smashed avocado, balsamic, whipped fetta, black bread, heirloom tomato, basil
Why we love it! The quintessential Australian brunch dish, no respectable brunch menu would be complete without the ‘smashed avo’. At Tesoro, this popular dish is elevated with silky whipped fetta and locally baked Imago black bread.
• Eggs on sourdough, eggs your way, (poached, scrambled or fried), Ziggy’s bacon & Imago sourdough.
Why we love it! Any good Hobart brunch spot has got to do eggs at least three ways. At Tesoro, enjoy your eggs however you like them with a side of local Ziggy’s bacon and locally baked Imago sourdough.
A special shout out to the Tesoro brunch beverage list. Kick things up a notch with a perfectly made long mac, nutritious green juice, glass of Tassie sparkling or a round of mimosas. After all, the rules go out the window when it’s brunch!
Whether it’s enjoying a lazy brunch after a night out, an excuse to catch up with friends, or celebrating a special occasion with a mimosa or two, Tesoro’s Hobart Brunch Menu is a true crowd pleaser. Book your table today.




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