11 Jan 2021

Hobart's best All Day Breakfast & Brunch

Rise and shine, Hobart. It’s time to discover the city’s best new breakfast adventure.

Rise and shine, Hobart. It’s time to discover the city’s best new breakfast adventure.

All Day Breakfast & Brunch 

Breakfast might very well be the most important meal of the day, but why should the fun stop when the clock strikes 12?

Whether you call it breakfast, brunch or lunch, Tesoro serves up Hobart’s best all-day breakfast – all day, every day until 4 pm. Including public holidays!

So go on, hit snooze. Enjoy that sleep in.

We’ll be here when you wake up with a friendly buongiorno and amazing barista-made coffee.

Psst – we also do actual lunch.

Things Get A Little Indulgent Around Here…

Lobster Benedict with black bread, sumac, poached eggs and shaved apple anyone?  

Breakfast is anything but boring at Tesoro. In fact, it’s borderline envy-inducing, so get ready to annoy your friends.

Simple scrambled eggs? Not today. Get a little bit bougie with Tesoro’s signature Crab & Chilli scrambled eggs with asparagus, parmesan crumbs and chilli oil… because we could all do with a little bit of spice.

Oh, and our fried chicken comes with ice cream. Just sayin’.

Keeping It Local

Fresh and house-made is what we do best at Tesoro, but no Hobart restaurant can reach such lofty, delicious heights without the bounty of Tasmania’s best local growers and artisan producers.

Let’s pay credit where credit is due.

Our bircher muesli packs a hit of flavour with local shaved apples and beautiful Bruny Island honey, our mushrooms are fresh and foraged locally, our hotcakes come with only the very best Tassie berries and our charcuterie is all local, baby.

Head on over to our Friends of Tesoro page to learn more about our wonderful extended family.

Nutrition + Flavour

We know you want the energy to play all day, but boosting up on veggies doesn’t have to be a bland, soul-destroying experience.

Treat the taste buds with our dazzling Heirloom tomatoes with sunflower puree, black garlic, fennel, nigella seeds and nasturtium or our foraged mushrooms with basil puree, goat’s cheese and poached eggs.

It would be un-Australian to not have smashed avo somewhere on the menu, but we’re serving it ‘Tesoro-style’ with balsamic pearls, whipped fetta, black bread and red onion.

Because we can.



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