30 Jan 2024

Meet Our Food and Beverage Supervisor: Carlos Cabarcas

At Tesoro, we take immense pride in the remarkable individuals who bring hospitality to life. Today, it brings us great joy to introduce you to our Food and Beverage Supervisor, Carlos Cabarcas.

Explore the culinary odyssey of Carlos Cabarcas, Tesoro's Food and Beverage Supervisor, as he recounts his memorable European escapade, indulging in delectable delights across iconic Italian cities. Uncover Carlos's passion for steak and his favourite dishes from the Tesoro menu, along with insights into his preferred beverage choices. Join us on a flavoruful journey through Carlos's experiences at Tesoro.

Q: Have you ever been to Italy? Where did you go and what was your most memorable foodie experience there? 

One of the most unforgettable experiences in my life was a trip around Europe with my wife. We explored iconic cities in Italy, including Rome, Venice, Florence, Pisa, and Verona. While each city had its unique charm, what stood out the most for me was the culinary experience in Rome. Trying the local delicacies, especially the Supplì, was a highlight that I'll always cherish.

Q: Tasmania is a well-loved foodie destination. Do you have any travel tips for those looking to visit Hobart? 

Tasmania offers a wide range of excellent dining options. Apart from Tesoro, where we take pride in using fresh oysters from Boomer Bay and premium Cape Grim meats, considered among the best in the world, I would recommend exploring places like Van Bone, Frogmore Creek, and Grain of the Silo. Each of these establishments offers a unique culinary experience, contributing to the diverse and thriving restaurant scene in Tasmania. 

Q: The Tesoro menu is a real treasure trove of gourmet treats. If you could choose only one, what is your favourite ‘must try’ dish? 

Considering myself someone who loves a good steak, and with Tesoro undoubtedly offering one of the best steaks in town, I highly recommend trying one of our steak dishes. Otherwise for another iconic Tasmanian dish, I recommend the mushroom risotto. This dish strikes a perfect balance with a variety of mushrooms and finishes with a spectacular touch of Tasmania truffle oil on top. Trust me, you really need to experience this on your next visit!

Q: We know you have a passion for all things wine and spirits – and supporting local! – So what gems will diners discover on the Tesoro drinks list? 

At Tesoro, we offer a wide variety of Tasmanian gins, and one that stands out is the Forty Spotted Citrus Gin. The aromatic elements of Tasmanian citrus and native Pepperberry blend exceptionally well, creating a delightful experience, especially when combined with tonic and a slice of lemon.

Q: What is the best food and drink pairing/combo you’ve ever had? 

For me, the best combination would be a medium-rare steak paired with a glass of Tasmanian Pinot Noir. 

Q: When you’re out on the town with friends, what’s your tipple of choice? 

Exploring different places with my friends is a constant pursuit for me. We actively seek out options where we can immerse ourselves in the local culture, with a particular emphasis on trying regional beverages, especially beer. Each local's beer has distinct characteristics, providing us with the opportunity to enjoy a great pint.


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