08 Jul 2022

Get to know Tesoro Head Chef Glen Tilly

Tesoro's talented head chef Glen Tilly fell in love with the bounty of Tasmania when he moved to the state in 2020. Passionate about creating dishes for those who appreciate good food shared with great company, get to know Glen with our Q&A. Be sure to ask him what exciting new Tassie ingredient he is using on our menus the next time you visit Tesoro!

Q: What is your food philosophy?
For me it is about placing an emphasis on honouring sustainable products and ingredients while also acknowledging the value in creating great working relationships with suppliers, growers, and producers. Trusting our suppliers to give us something they are truly proud of is key. It’s a lot more interesting and memorable for our guests too because we can take the food to their table and explain exactly where it came from and why we use it.

Q: Tell us a about the Tesoro menu concept.
Even though I keep a very close eye on food trends, I like to cook with different flavours and textures to always ensure our menu is a good balance between modern and traditional Italian cuisine. It is important to me that Tesoro’s menu has something for everyone. From impressive Tassie oysters, award winning Cape Grim beef and Clover Hill lamb, to a perfectly cooked pizza made with hand shaped dough.

It’s always a great feeling to take a quick glance out into the restaurant mid service to see a kid grinning ear to ear with pizza sauce on his face while his parents are relaxing and enjoying our Tassie Road Trip menu which showcases five courses of the best the state has to offer.

Q. What can diners expect when they come to Tesoro?
I would love for our guests to feel that Tesoro Restaurant is approachable and memorable. But more importantly, a restaurant that you can be comfortable to visit for all occasions. From birthdays and anniversaries and everything in between. Kind of like your go-to restaurant of choice for when you want something delicious and satisfying.

Q: What inspired your love of cooking? 
I was 13 years old when my love for cooking began. When my mother broke her finger, I was quickly recruited to help her out in the kitchen with family meals as my dad worked away during the week. I also have many great food memories spent with family and friends during holidays overseas.

Q: How long have you been cooking for?
I have been cooking professionally for 23 years and have worked and travelled all over Australia and am now proud to call Hobart home. My wife and I love the small city feel, welcoming people and easy-going lifestyle. Oh, and the amazing food and wine of course!

Q: What is your biggest pet peeve when dining out?
None really - I am always happy and grateful when someone else is cooking for me, whatever and wherever it is!

Q: When you cook at home for friends and family, what’s your go-to dish?
Homemade pasta. I recently taught my 11 year old niece Trinity how to make lasagne. We made it from scratch and rolled the pasta sheets on the kitchen top. She was super proud to serve it to the whole family (with rave reviews!) after a few hours working by my side. I think it may be a bit of a myth that chefs don’t like to cook at home. I love cooking for people and if that feeling ever stopped, then I know it would be time for a career change.

Q: On a Sunday morning where will we find you?
Sunday morning starts with my wife and I grabbing a coffee from Wide Awake in North Hobart. Then walking our dog down to the Farmgate Markets to buy some veggies and meat to cook at home that night. Of course, no trip to the markets is complete without a Trophy doughnut or two!

Tesoro showcases the art of Italian cuisine with delicious, punchy flavours and quality local produce. We’ve become amici with the artisans, mingled with the makers and gathered with the growers to find just what we need to bring our menus to life. Explore our latest menus or if you're feeling hungry, why not book a table.




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