27 Jul 2021

Where to find Hobart's best pizza

As one of the only Hobart restaurants making pizza dough fresh in house daily, Tesoro stands out from the crowd. Read on to discover more about Hobart's best pizza.

Here’s just a few reasons why the best pizza in Hobart is right here at Tesoro!

We’re patient

The perfect dough takes time, and while the Italians aren’t known to be an overly patient bunch, our team have mastered the art. At Tesoro, our dough is slooooooow-fermented for 14 hours to bring you pizza that is packed full of flavour.

We keep it natural

Our pizza starter is made with natural living yeast, which is so much more flavourful than shop-bought yeast. These starters need to be grown and ‘fed’ in order to keep them going - the older the starter, the more depth of flavour. In fact, some restaurants in Italy have lovingly keep their starters growing for more than a hundred years! We’re not quite there yet - Tesoro’s starter was established in December 2020 and our team ‘feed’ it every day.

We keep it local

A dedication to all things dough is just the foundation of a great pizza. At Tesoro we put ego aside and let Tassie’s best local and seasonal ingredients steal the show. We use Tasmanian flour that is milled right here in our state!

Knead to know

We can’t give away all of our secrets, but the magic is all in the wrist. As well as being made fresh daily, all of our pizzas are kneaded by hand to ensure our dough stays light and fluffy.

We’re for everybody

Vegetarian? Dairy free? No need to miss out, we have options for you!

Located at 28 Elizabeth Street, Tesoro is one of Hobart’s hottest new restaurant openings. Specialising in great produce, great technique and great service, Tesoro showcases the art of modern Italian cuisine. The result? A menu that’s evocative, emotional and passionate. Just like Italians themselves! Buon appetite. View our menus.


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